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As certified gas safe engineers, we are available to offer plumbing services to clients when they need it, any time of day or night. When it comes to plumbing, it is usually cheaper and easier to prevent problems before they arise, than deal with them when they become and emergency. It is important that cylinders are serviced regularly to ensure that they work properly and, most importantly, to ensure the safety of the people living in your home.

Unvented cylinders contain large volumes of water which expand when heated. The control panel manages the temperature on your cylinder so that the temperature and pressure inside the cylinder don’t reach dangerously high levels. A boiler cylinder service checks, among other things, that the controls are working safely and that the safety pressure release is in place in case the internal pressure or temperatures get too high.

Common problems with unvented cylinders include water dripping from the expansion pipe, immersion failure, strange noises, low water flow, leaks and corrosion due to age, and a build up of limescale. Most of these problems can be avoided with regular servicing.

You should book a boiler cylinder service every 12 months – if possible, it is a good idea to get your service done in the warmer spring and summer months rather than waiting until a cold winter to realise that your heating isn’t working properly. During a cylinder service, our plumbers will check several functions including the pressure and the pressure relief valve. They will check for leaks and test the flow of water through the cylinder, as well as make sure that the electrics are sound. A range of other tasks will be included in the cylinder service with a focus on making sure that they system is safe, that it functions properly to produce hot water and heating, and to identify any potential problem areas that may need to be fixed in the future.

At PH247 we understand that people dread having work done, and so they often put off services. However, we are committed to offering quality plumbing in London and beyond, helping people to remain safe and secure with our transparent, affordable services. A cylinder service will help to reduce the chance of serious problems with heating and hot water, but if the worst happens and you find yourself needing an emergency plumber in London, you can give us a call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year.

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