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‘My life’s purpose is to serve as many people as possible, to be the solution and not the problem. That’s what we stand for at PH247.’

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Life Story

Growing up in deprivation in a single-parent home on benefits and low income was a challenge. My life dramatically changed when a rogue trader exploited us.

This caused me to become homeless, sleeping on a kitchen floor in the summer months and a cupboard in the winter months just to keep warm. This was my experience from the tender age of ten.

Growing up, I felt excluded and discriminated against because of who I was and where I was from. This caused me to suffer from severe anxiety and depression. Living in deprivation on a council estate around anti-social behaviour, gangs, drugs, violence, and peer pressure was a very traumatic time in my life.

However, my traumatic experiences motivated me to educate myself to a degree level within the plumbing and heating industry to exit the world of deprivation and gain control of my life.

I’m a qualified plumbing and heating professional. I have won multiple regional and national awards within the plumbing and heating industry. I’m also an ambassador for construction and apprenticeships.

The purpose of PH247 is to help fight against rogue traders and bring simplicity, truth, and transparency to people in need of plumbing and heating services.

My life’s purpose is to serve as many people as possible. To be the solution and not the problem. That’s what we stand for at PH247.

RYAN Jeffers

Life Story

I grew up in a broken home. I suffered from anxiety and depression during my childhood. I suffered in silence because of the stigma of mental health at the time.

During those tough times, I was inspired by business, and I knew from an early age that I wanted to work in the construction industry.

I’m a qualified quantity surveyor, and I have been working in the construction industry for seven years. PH247 aims to provide a reliable and responsive plumbing and heating service.

The construction industry is outdated. At PH247, we like to think that we’re an innovative, digital company keeping up with modern times.

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